The first tips!

In this room we become very wet, clean and often make ourselves beautiful here, what is it?

That’s right, the bathroom, the wettest room in the house. You should be able to do atleast something to make the space more sustainable, right? This is also true! In this blog I will make a list of small adjustments that can make a big difference.

You have to hold yourself accountable for your actions, and that’s how we’re going to protect the Earth.

Julia Butterfly Hill

Easy step 1: When you get out of the shower you are clean, which means that if you dry yourself, your towel will still be clean. Do not throw your towel directly into the laundry basket, but hang it up to dry. You sure can use it again one more time.

Easy step 2: It is delightful to take a long shower, but at the same time it is also a waste of water. Therefore, set a timer as soon as you step in the shower and try to shower a little shorter each time.

Easy step 3: Don’t run the tap! Now you probably think this is a matter of course, but there are a lot of people running the tap while brushing their teeth, washing their hands or while they are shaving.

Easy step 4: A device that is inserted into the socket always uses energy even when it’s turned off. Make sure you always remove the plug out of the socket, when you no longer use them. This also applies to your electric toothbrush. 😉

Easy step 5: This one is not for everyone, but for the ones with a bath. If you let it fill up, go in at the same time as your partner or your children. Very cozy and water-saving!

Easy step 6: To save energy in your bathroom it’s important that you keep the room well ventilated. Clean and fresh air is heated up faster.

A little bit tougher step 7: Replace faucets and the shower head for water-saving variants.

A little bit tougher step 8: Replace all the lights in the bathroom for LED light bulbs. LED lamps use less energy than regular light bulbs and even than energy-saving lamps. They also last much longer!

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