Eco friendly bedroom.

The Green Life Center tries as often as possible to give tips for a more sustainable life. In the meantime we all live more and more consciously. We think about every purchase and opt for products that have little or no impact on the environment. Yet we still find it difficult to make our home more sustainable. That is why we advise you not to do this on a large scale at the same time, but to check space for space to see what could be improved. In this article we explain how you can easily make the bedroom more sustainable.

So many clothes, is that really necessary?

Before you really get started in the bedroom it is important to take a critical look at your wardrobe. How many items of clothing are currently hanging in your closet? How many do you actually wear? And what about the use of materials for your clothing?

Doing critical shopping is the most important thing if you want to make your wardrobe more sustainable. Think in particular of the use of materials. So you better choose bamboo underwear than cotton. Simply because bamboo is a much more environmentally friendly material. Moreover, it is also very strong and has pleasant qualities that increase wearing comfort.

Before you go shopping for sustainable clothing, it is important to select your current collection. You can give away or sell people what you no longer wear. In this way you breathe new life into the items of clothing that you no longer wear, so that you also ensure that the environment is less burdened.

Choose sustainable bedding  *snoring*

You may not think about it that way, but the blankets and sheets that you lie under at night have a major impact on your health. Of course the quality is very important for a good night’s sleep, but there is more. For example, the materials these products are made from are not always environmentally friendly. A down comforter is made from down of various water birds, such as the goose, and you can imagine that it is not very animal-friendly if such a goose is plucked several times during its lifetime. Now there are coming stricter laws for this kind of picking, but many of our products are produced in certain parts of the world where different guidelines apply. But regular cotton cultivation is also very damaging for the environment due to the enormous water consumption and the use of pesticides, and many different, sometimes harmful, substances are also used in the production and transport of bedding. Enough reasons to think about the products you sleep under every day and where possible choose a more sustainable alternative. Fortunately, more and more sustainable products are available. Many companies add sustainable bedding to their range, they only do this if there is demand from the consumer, so we do. Keep it up!

Under durable bedding, also includes a mattress.

What is the most important thing in the bedroom? The bed of course and then above all getting a good night’s sleep! A fine mattress is essential here. Always opt for an ecological mattress. Many mattresses are full of synthetic materials and chemicals. Not good for the environment and health. Choosing a mattress from natural materials is therefore our preference. Moreover, you can easily make your bedroom more sustainable and enjoy a better night’s sleep!

The heating can be switched off

Most people only spend the evening and night in the bedroom, the rest of the day we hardly come here. Then why would you heat the upper floor of the house on cold days? Turn off the heating in the bedrooms and ensure good ventilation. A fresh bedroom is quite pleasant under the covers and it is also very healthy. And if you are still busy, then especially think of the lighting and devices in the room. You can of course switch to a sustainable or cost-effective energy supplier to save on environmental impact or costs, but it remains important to also be energy efficiently yourself, for example by not switching on the lights unnecessarily and switching off appliances.

Keep it calm!

Of course you want to decorate and personalize every spot in the house, but you will ultimately benefit most from a quiet bedroom where you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without clutter and distraction. So keep the interior of the bedroom simple and invest more in a few durable furniture that lasts for a long time than a lot of decoration. Second-hand is also always a good and sustainable choice! Clean up as much as possible in (closed) cupboards and also opt for a calm color palette in the room. With regard to other distractions, less is ultimately more. For example, it is worth considering not to allow a television and telephone into the bedroom. This has been proven beneficial for the night’s rest.


You’ve read it before in the blogs, ventilate. This is especially important in the bedroom because you spend a large part of the evening and night here and breathe in the air. Good ventilation is extremely important for a healthy living environment in the house so open the window as often as possible, or sleep with the window open if possible, and possibly keep the ventilation shafts open. To improve the air quality in the bedroom even more, you can also consider placing an air-purifying plant in the bedroom.

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